Password Requirements and How to Change your Password

Network (this will automatically change your Powerschool password)

1.      Once you have logged in the computer, press control+alt+delete. (MUST USE A WINDOWS BASED PC)
2.      Click change password
3.      Type in the password that you used to log into the computer with in the “Old Password” box
4.      Type in your new password in both boxes provided for New Password


Password requirements:

  •  8 Characters in length
  • No Complexity requirements (HIGHLY recommended that you choose a password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols)
  • Cannot reuse the last 2 passwords
  • Lock-out will happen after 15 invalid attempts (Some systems will automatically unlock after a specified time) Captcha may happen sooner or if a weak password is chosen.


Note: You should choose a password that is not shared with your personal accounts.