How to signup for a lab

You will need to use the following instructions to get started:
  1. Open Google Chrome to your calendars. 
  2. Visit
  3. Drop down the room you would like to use. Click +Google Calendar in the lower right corner of the calendar view.
  4. This will add the calendar to your list of calendars
  5. Repeat this for each room

You only need to add the lab calendar once to your calendars. To schedule an event after you add the calendar to your list of calendars:

  1. Open your email and locate Lab Calendar
  2. Check the availability of the rooms and determine which day you want to schedule a lab. Click in the white space below the other lab reservations to create a new event.
  3. Fill out the information for what in the following format Block Number, Last Name, etc. 
  4. Be sure to select the correct calendar and that the block is available.
  5. Click Create event.
Additional Notes:
  • Lab 115 is the tech foyer
  • Do not use repeating events unless you take in consideration holidays, special events, and look you make sure you do not overlap another teacher.
  • Be sure to change the color on each calendar to a unique color to help you schedule.
  • You can schedule a lab on your tablet, smartphone, or other device while on and off campus.
  • Do not modify another teacher's lab reservation. All changes are logged.

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