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Change to Internet failover plan

Notice: There have been some changes to our Internet failover plan that may effect you.

Effective Thursday, November 10, 2011 the following will happen when our primary Internet connection fails and we have to rely some on our secondary connection:
  • Phones will continue to work internally and externally
  • Student web surfing and email traffic will fail except for pages cached by our proxy server
  • Faculty/Staff web surfing will be restricted to only Google Apps services (email, calendar, sites, groups, docs, searches)
  • Faculty/Staff normal Web surfing traffic will fail
After testing we have determined that our secondary connection will not handle the number of requests that our normal web surfing produces and still provide reliable phone and email access. This change should enable you to work on our Google provided services while our primary internet connection is repaired.

We normally only experience a few minutes of outage in any given month (most of the time the outage is after hours) but there can be several hours of outage while the connection is being repaired.

Technical Details
Primary Internet Connection: Cable 50mbit down/10mbit up
Secondary Internet Connection: DSL 5mbit down/768kbit up
Emergency ONLY connection (will be used for phones only):  LTE at least 8Mbit down/1Mbit up