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Creating a Virtual Box - Lab 117


To create a new Virtual Machine on a computer in Lab 117, perform the following steps:

1.      Double-click the “Copy Virtual Machine” icon on the desktop. A command prompt window will open and the master image virtual hard drive will be copied to your profile. This process will take approximately 5-6 minutes. Do not close the window; it will close on its own.


2.      After the copy operation is complete, double-click the “Oracle VM VirtualBox” icon on the desktop.


3.      (If you receive a message about a new version, just click okay.) Click “New” in the top left corner of VirtualBox. Click “Next”.


4.      Type a name for the machine. (This can be your user name or “Programming”, for example.) Leave the operating system as Windows and the Version as XP. Click “Next”.


5.      Use the slide bar to give your machine 1500MB of memory. (Or, you can type 1500 in the text box to the right of the slide bar.) Click “Next”.


6.      Click “Use existing hard disk”. Click the folder icon to the right of the drop-down box.


7.      In the file name box, type “c:\users\<yourusername>\.VirtualBox\programming.vdi” REPLACE <yourusername> WITH YOUR NETWORK LOGIN NAME! (e.g. jasmith) Click “Open”.


8.      Click “Next” then “Finish”.


9.      Start your new virtual machine by double-clicking it in VirtualBox.


10.  Once your machine starts, click the Start menu, and right click “My Computer”. Click “Properties”.


11.  Click the “Computer Name” tab. Click “Change”.


12.  Type your user name. Click “OK” on all the dialog boxes, then click “Yes” when it asks you to restart the machine.


13.  Once your machine restarts, you have completed the setup process and are ready to work.