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Powerteacher - Final Grade Setup


1.       Launch Powerteacher Gradebook 

2.       Click on Grade Setup 

3.       Click on  

4.       Click on Term Weights 

5.       Setup the Final Weights as follows if you are giving an exam for S1 (Note you can only enter into the weight column)
Enter the following if you are not giving an exam for S1:

6.       Repeat for 

7.       Click on 

8.       Click on Term Weights 

9.       Setup Y1 as follows: 

* Warning: Do not proceed with steps 11-13 if you already have a final grade setup for your Quarters, instead repeat the steps above for each class. If you proceed your homework/quiz/tests/etc for each quarter will be overwritten by the above setup.

12.   Select Entire Class and press ok 

13.   Select all the classes you want to copy to (in most cases you can select all your classes)

14.   Click Next

15.   Click Finish

16.   You have now setup the Final Grade calculation for all your classes. 

Unknown user,
Sep 3, 2010, 12:18 PM